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Develop a fully functional cross-platform website for {{CLIENT NAME}}.

Using up-to-date technology and best-practices around design, development and organic marketing (SEO), Rockland Digital can create and deploy an engaging website that you will own and be happy to share.


Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you have questions about anything not covered below or later in this Estimate, please don't hesitate to email us: Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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How much does a new website typically cost?

Without a clear understanding of the size, design, functionality and purpose of a website, it's impossible to estimate the exact time or cost associated with building it.

Typically, our projects range in price from $2,500 for a single landing page to $50,000+ for a new e-commerce website with a variety of products and collections, specific design requirement and enhanced website features like a custom member portal or live chat widget.

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How important is it really?

In short: it's very important.

Without trying to sound cliché, we live in a digital world in which websites and branded digital assets have become the primary form of representation for nearly every business — A poorly-designed website will reflect badly on your brand; whereas, a professionally-designed user-friendly website can keep visitors engaged and lead to increase sales.

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Can we provide a you with Fixed-Fee Project Quote?

We can only provide an estimate for any project that may require more than minimal design-related services. Trust us...It's better all-around, and we learned that lesson the hard way.

Because it's difficult for people – us included – to know how we genuinely feel about a website until we see and/or engage with the finished product, unanticipated changes can, and often do, occur. Estimates allow us some wiggle-room to grow or shrink the project as needed without having to create a new Scope of Work (SOW) each time. However, you can rest easy in the comfort of knowing that:

  • we've been doing this for a long time, so our estimates are quite accurate; and
  • as soon as any changes are anticipated or discovered, we'll pause the project and inform you before we proceed.

With that said, if you require a more narrowly defined cost breakdown for budgeting or approval purposes, there are a few things you can provide that will help us refine the estimate:

  • Send us a list of the pages and a sitemap for your website. Visit "5 Visual Sitemap Examples for Website Designs" for information and guidance.
  • Send us 3-5 websites that you love and that you believe represent the vision for your new website in some way (aesthetically or functionally). Also, please provide as much detail as possible for what you like about the websites and why.
  • Tell us if you need us to design a logo or brand identity kit...or if we’ll be working with your current brand assets.
  • Provide us with any/all existing media files that you'd like included in your website, and let us know if you need us to source any additional assets for you.
  • Give us a heads-up about any specific features or functionality you might need integrated into your website, or if you think anything within your build may require extra development time (ie. pricing calculator, API integrations, enhanced SEO, a member portal / account management, multiple blogs and post styles, etc).

As soon as we've received this information from you, our team will begin preparing a more clearly defined scope of work (SOW) for review. When you’re ready, we can review the SOW during a a follow-up call.

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Will you be able update and edit your website when it's live?

Yes, of course. It's super simple and we'll provide you with some short customized tutorial videos that will show you and your team how to access the website editor and make changes to the content on or off the pages.

If you'd rather have us do it for you, we also offer discounted blocks of hours for existing clients that can be purchased and used for website development and consultation (including training).

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Can we help you with Digital Marketing and SEO?

Yes, we offer an initial on-site SEO setup package (included in both website development options below), as well as three levels of ongoing/monthly SEO support (Basic, Standard and Advanced). For more information about our SEO services please send your request or inquiry to

We also offer paid digital advertising support and reporting, which includes pay-per-click (PPC)  and social media  campaign creation and management. For more information about our paid advertising services, please send your request or inquiry to

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Will we launch the new site for you?...and...What happens after?

Absolutely. As long as you've provided us with access to your domain name host provider (ie. GoDaddy, Google Domains, Rebel, etc), we'll launch the site for you and make sure everything is in full working order. We'll also keep an eye on it for 30 days following the launch to make sure that everything is working properly (the "Monitoring Period")

Within the first week of the launch, you, or a chosen representative from your team, will receive a mini series of training videos demonstrating how to access and update your new website, as well as any enhanced features, if applicable. You'll be editing and growing your new website with ease in no time!

After the Monitoring Period, we will of course still be available to chat via phone/email and answer any questions you might have or provide support. You can also purchase a pre-paid "block-of-hours" for ad-hoc development tasks, updates, and consulting. However, anything over 40 hours will require a custom plan or SOW.

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Do we provide ongoing maintenance or retained services?

Although we're quite certain that you'll find maintaining the content, copy, and assets on your new website straightforward and easy to manage, we do offer discounts to existing customers who purchase a pre-paid block-of-hours that can be used ad-hoc over a 12 month period.*

A list of our block-of-hour options can be found in the Project Estimate & Fees section of this Proposal.

*Pre-paid hourly blocks are meant for any development task or consultation only, and cannot be used for UI/UX Design or Copywriting support. Due to the unique nature of UI/UX Design and Copywriting, those services typically handled on a flat-rate basis as apart of our end-to-end design & development projects.

Last, but certainly not least, is a question that unfortunately gets asked far too often due to past experiences with traditional marketing agencies:
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Who owns your website after it's launched?

Without a clear understanding of the size, design, functionality and purpose of a website, it's impossible to estimate the exact time or cost associated with building it.

Typically, our projects range in price from $2,500 for a single landing page to $50,000+ for a new e-commerce website with a variety of products and collections, specific design requirement and enhanced website features like a custom member portal or live chat widget.

Why Us?

  • No surprises...We're straight forward and we'll tell you what we need to get the job done. There won't be any major surprises at the end.
  • Your project is a priority...As soon as we have the materials we need, we'll begin the project and won't stop until it’s done.
  • This isn't our first rodeo...You can rest assured we'll build you a website that you'll be stoked about.
  • Our projects deliver results...Search engine and conversion optimization is in our blood and flows into every project we work on.
  • We don't hold anything hostage...Unlike many other agencies, we build websites that can be managed by our clients and hand everything over at the end of the each project.

Past Projects

Below is a sample of some of our past projects for your review. For additional information about a specific project, please email your request to


Professional Services


Other Industries

Project Estimate – Web Development

The following is an estimate of fees and deliverables based on our experience and the information we've received from you. Actual costs may vary when the project requirements and scope are negotiated and approved.

Standard Small Business
(Base Package)
What's Included:
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1–3 Standard Pages*
  • Basic page layout and functionality

*Flat rate per additional page: $1000

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Basic Design
  • Standard Wireframes for pre-Development design approval
  • Multiple-device compatibility (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
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QA Testing & Revisions
  • 1 round of revisions after final delivery
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Social Media Integration
  • Styled Social Media Profile icons
  • Styled Social Media Sharing icons
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Google Web Tool Integration
  • Embedded responsive Google Map section
  • Linked Google Reviews & Google Business Profile icons
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console intrgration
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Encrypted Website Security
  • Integrated SSL Certificate
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Simple Contact / Inquiry Forms
  • Basic contact form fields (ie. name, email, phone, info text box, etc)
  • Standard email delivery of form submissions
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Basic SEO
  • Optimized Page Titles and Page Descriptions
  • Standard image compression and ALT text
  • Optimized site structure per up-to-date Google Guidelines
Cost Breakdown:
UI/UX | Design
Project Management
Hosting Fees
3rd-Party Software Fees
Not Incl.
*Tax not included
Enhanced Small Business
(Recommended Package)
What's Included:
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Standard Small Business Package
  • 1–3 Standard Pages
  • Basic Design
  • QA Testing & Revisions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Web Tool Integration
  • Encrypted Website Security
  • Simple Contact / Inquiry Forms
  • Basic SEO
  • PLUS
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Additional Pages & Revisions
  • Up to 5 pages
  • 2 rounds of revisions after final delivery
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Enhanced SEO
  • Competitor Audit and Keyword Analysis Reports
  • On-page copy review and keyword optimization
  • Structured data markup for Rich Results on Google Search
  • Integrated CDN* for improved image and video optimization and increased page speed

*Content Delivery Network

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Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Setup and integration of Google Tags through your website for enhanced visitor data
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Custom Blog & CMS*
  • 1 custom blog collection template
  • 1-2 custom blog post templates
  • Easy to use content creation tool

*Content Management System

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Advanced Contact / Inquiry Forms
  • Additional form fields (ie. radio buttons, dropdowns, mutiple choice, etc)
  • Forms synced to data collection software / CRM.
  • Mutli-step Form* functionality
  • Conditional Logic* functionality

*Project cost might increase depending on length, content and design of multi-step and conditional logic forms.

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Software/Database Integration
  • Basic integration of most modern 3rd-Party software (ie. scheduling software and CRM's)*

*Limited to iFrame Embeds, Javascript Widgets, and Simple API data transfer.

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Automated Social Media Feed
  • Automatically updated visual feed of you social media content*

*Social profile or content creation not included

Cost Breakdown:
UI/UX | Design
Project Management
Hosting Fees
3rd-Party Software Fees
Not Incl.
*Tax not included
Optional Add-Ons
(pricing available upon request)
  • Copywriting + Blog Creation
  • Custom Design (graphic design, branding, etc)
  • Asset Sourcing* (images, videos, fonts, etc)
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Off-Site SEO (organic search)
  • Digital Advertising (paid ads + social)
  • Domain Name Registration & Hosting
  • 3rd-Party Software Setup
  • Additional Feature Integrations (e-commerce, members portal, learning management system, chat bot, etc)

Fee Schedule

The following is a list of our standard hourly rates for the services we provide.

$130.00 /hr
Design | UI/UW | Asset Sourcing + Creation
$140.00 /hr
Digital Marketing | SEO | Lead Generation
$125.00 /hr
Programming | Development
$140.00 /hr
Project Management | Admin
$110.00 /hr
Website Audits | Reporting
$125.00 /hr

General Terms

  1. Client is responsible for providing all the necessary resources to design the website, including fonts, media files, written copy, pdf files (if applicable), icons, etc. Failure to provide those assets may result in late delivery and/or additional project management fees.
  2. Project components that are not described in this estimate or an accompanying scope of work will be assessed in a new estimate.
  3. Projects are split into two 50% stages: the "First 50" and the "Second 50".
  4. A deposit payment equal to 50% of the total approved project estimate is due in advance of each stage of the project.
  5. Hourly rates are calculated in ten (minute) intervals.
  6. When 80% of the budget for the First 50 is reached, a meeting will be scheduled with you to review our progress and address any concerns you might have (the "Initial Review"). After the Initial Review, Client may decide whether to proceed or terminate the project.
  7. Usage rights: After the work is completed and payment has been received, the client will own the rights to the design.
  8. This Project Estimate has been calculated according to the number of hours we believe is required to complete the project tasks and the task rates listed in the Fee Schedule above.
  9. You will be notified prior to changes in the Project Estimate, and any additional hours incurred will be billed according to the Fee Schedule.
  10. In the case of project cancellation after the work has started, the client will pay for the relative part of the work.

Project Approval

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